Shippping & Returns

DOLLS.MOE, undertakes to deliver the products purchased by the User / Buyer, at the address indicated for this purpose in the order form by the User / Buyer, which may be different from their habitual residence, and can be sent to their place from work or even to a third person to whom you intend to make a gift, as well as to the delegation of the transport company so that the client can come to pick it up there, within a period of 1 to 3 business days.

In case of having to contact the user / buyer for any reason before shipment, the delivery time may be increased.

The daily deadline for dispatching orders from the warehouse is set at 1:00 p.m., this time being able to be extended if DOLLS.MOE deems it appropriate.

These delivery times could be altered due to variations in atmospheric conditions, cuts in public roads, etc ...

Deliveries will take place throughout the scheduled day, that is, there is no possibility to choose the time of delivery. The delivery will be made at the time that the dealer deems appropriate, due to his daily route or other reasons. If in the comments that the user / buyer writes at the time of placing the order, he states that the delivery is made at a certain time or that he is called before the delivery, these comments will be taken as a suggestion, but never as a condition for make the shipment, since transport companies generally do not take into account schedules or want to be calling each recipient.

* International deliveries:

In the event that the client is not at home and / or that the telephone number provided is not correct or answered and the transport company cannot deliver the order, the user / buyer will have 3 business days to contact the company before the merchandise is returned.

In these cases, the customer must pay the shipping costs in the event that he wishes to receive the product again.